In Russia, the circus is known as the ‘people’s art form’. Blending the great Russian traditions of gymnastics, theatre, opera and ballet, it is a form of entertainment that has survived through the decades: through war and peace, democracy and dictatorship, ups and down, bringing joy to young and old across this vast nation.

Two circuses in particular stand for the very best in artistry and athleticism: the Bolshoi Circus (or “The Moscow State Circus at Vernadsky Prospekt”) and the Nikulin Moscow Circus. Universally acknowledged to be at the pinnacle of circus arts in the world, acts from these esteemed circuses have long been thrilling audiences across the globe with their truly one-of-a-kind skills.

Now, Malaysians from all walks of life will have the opportunity to catch these world-class circus acts right here in their own backyard! The Moscow Circus Tour of Malaysia 2018/19 will be embarking on a mammoth and unprecedented 8-month journey across the country. 

You will be witness to a two-hour programme featuring nearly 30 performers, starting off with a visually stunning cavalcade of the entire cast, followed by presentations of dangerous and thrilling acts by aerialists, high wire walkers, trapeze artists, acrobats, a juggler, roller-skaters, diabolo spinners and illusionists, all held together by one of Russia’s most well-known clowns, Olga and Lev Zaitsev!

To cap off an unforgettable circus experience, the entire performance will be held under a 2,700 seater fully air-conditioned circus ‘Big Top’. The Moscow Circus tent will be the largest circus tent in Malaysia!


The Moscow Circus Tour of Malaysia has been made possible through Executive Producers Dato’ Sri G Radakrishnan and Mr Yahna SG and their belief that this unique entertainment offering will be one of the events of the year. This special production combines the production expertise of Kenneth Lee, son of the late Paul L.B. Lee, the owner of The Royal London Circus, and Victor Pilipovich, who is one of the top circus artistic agents in the world. 
Together, lets share in the magic of The Moscow Circus!



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