Sit back and prepare to be dazzled by the very best that Russian circus has to offer!

This is only a small teaser of the amazing and jaw-dropping performances on offer. For more, make sure you’re there when The Moscow Circus comes to a town or city near you!

Master Juggler
The Incredible Semion Krachinov

One of the most sought-after jugglers in Russia, Semion Krachinov’s skills with the balls and clubs are second to none. You’ll be caught between trying to keep up with his act and admiring his dashing good looks!

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Flying Trapeze
The Tokmachev Troupe

No circus is complete without the traditional flying trapeze, and the Tokmachev Troupe are one of the very best troupes around! You’ll be left transfixed as they perform the triple somersault as well as some surprising (and heartstopping) specialty tricks!

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Russian Swing
The Skokov Troupe

One of the best Russian Swing acts today, the Skokov Troupe have been featured in world-class circus festivals as well as the famous Cirque du Soleil. Watch as they perform fantastic somersaults and twists while propelled high into the air, bringing the entire program to a incredible crescendo of excitement and thrills!
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The Moscow Circus Clown
The Incomparable Armen Asiryants

Tying together the whole show is the one and only Armen Asiryants. This clowning superstar, one of the best in Europe today, is the constant feature throughout the entire program. Kids will love his hilarious act!
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